Overview: product.

Logavent HRV156 K compact ventilation unit

  • Space-saving and can be flexibly installed for residential units up to 120 m² (HRV156-120 K, ceiling installation only)
  • quck installation by just one person using innovative mounting device
  • very lightweight appliance (15 kg)
  • high heat recovery – up to 93 %
  • humidity sensor installed as standard for automatic demand-dependent ventilation
  • Unit variants with summer bypass and additional CO2 sensor and for system integration
Vaild for product models of Logavent HRV156 K S

Overview: control.

Demand-optimized control concept.

  • standard version equipped with the Logamatic RC100H room controller with humidity sensor for automatic demand-dependent ventilation
  • intuitive and convenient control of the ventilation system via the Logamatic VC310
  • system integration: control of heating, hot water and ventilation via the Logamatic RC310 system programming unit

Perfectly connected with the Logamatic VC310

MyVent app

  • change fan stages, set an individual 7-day program or switch to automatic, sensor-controlled, demand-dependent ventilation
  • reminder message for filter replacement and information section with all relevant temperature and sensor values
  • for Android and iOS
Only in connection with Logamatic VC310/RC310/HMC310

Installation: can be installed by just one person.

Lightweight and flexible.

Thanks to an innovative mounting device, installing the Logavent HRV156 K is exceptionally straightforward. Weighing just 15 kg, the ventilation unit can be quickly and effortlessly installed in the correct position by just one person.

Installation: wall/ceiling mounting.

Flexible project planning.

  • the appliance design makes it suitable for both ceiling and wall installation (HRV156-120 K, ceiling installation only)
  • matching, flexible air distribution system – optimized for small apartments
  • entire system solution including comprehensive design support


The ideal ventilation system for apartment buildings.

  • automatic demand-dependent ventilation for optimum indoor air quality and protection of the fabric of the building
  • high degree of design freedom thanks to flexible and space saving installation options with matching air distribution system – optimized for small apartments
  • one point of contact for the entire system solution, including comprehensive design support

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