Application: market environment.

The heat pump hybrid system with gas condensing technology for modernising multi-family houses.

  • CO2 saving goals make renovating multi-family houses increasingly appealing

  • rising demand for high-quality housing stock with low running costs

  • legal framework requires integration of regenerative heat generators

Application: object.

The heat pump hybrid system with gas condensing technology for modernising multi-family houses.

Multi-family housing in urban settings.

This partially renovated building in the town provides space for twelve residential units. Each one is fitted with radiators and has a heating load of approx. 5 kW. The domestic hot water is heated centrally in the building.

Application: requirement.

The heat pump hybrid system with gas condensing technology for modernising multi-family houses.

The requirement:

  • future-oriented, highly efficient and sustainable heat production
  • robust, durable system set-up with high operational safety
  • balance between investment and running costs

System: Basic system.

Logatherm WLW286 air to water heat pump

  • uses heat from the air to produce heating efficiently and effectively
  • ideal for multi-family houses, office buildings and industrial premises
  • for integration into the system via Logamatic 5000 with the Logamatic WPM100 touch screen control unit, Modbus-RTU compatible
  • can be cascaded with up to four heat pumps

Alternative to the basic system. Logatherm WLW276 air to water heat pump:

  • ten power levels: 16 kW to 89 kW (A-7/W35)
  • reversible and can be cascaded with up to 16 heat pumps
  • modulating inverter technology for efficiency
  • sound power can be reduced as necessary (Normal, Silent, Super Silent, Night)
  • system integrates easily into various control units or building management systems

Logamatic 5000 control system:

  • modular, digital control device for medium and large heat generators
  • premium, hard-wearing 7" capacitive touch screen
  • IP and Modbus connectivity

System: Basic system.

Logamax plus GB272 wall mounted gas condensing boiler (50 to 150 kW)

  • very high efficiency of up to 98 % (pump efficiency of 30 % in accordance with EU standard)
  • suitable for up to 20% hydrogen content in natural gas, also suitable for liquid gas
  • intelligent cascade system with up to 900 kW
  • perfect set-up system with flexible connection options
  • ALU plus technology and ten-year warranty on the heat exchanger
  • LOAD plus function for smart buffer cylinder charging

The flexible further development.

  • versatile use and convenient installation
  • succeeds its predecessor Logamax plus GB162 in the output range above 50 kW
  • available in output sizes of 50 kW, 70 kW, 85 kW, 100 kW, 125 kW and 150 kW
  • maximum flow temperature of 85 °C
  • individual device or wall mounted gas condensing boiler cascade in larger buildings
  • up to six devices with a total output of 900 kW can be combined

 "H2-ready" DVGW certificate:

  • certification for the reliable use of wall mounted gas condensing boilers with natural gas containing up to 20 vol% hydrogen
  • aiming to achieve climate neutrality by 2050
  • monitored by the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)

Intelligent LOAD plus control function

  • smart charging of a central system buffer cylinder
  • increased boiler efficiency and economical operation with longer burner runtime and reduced burner starts
  • charging to target temperature with modulating pump

System: Basic system.

Logalux FS freshwater station

  • fresh water station with a draw-off flow rate of 27 l/min at a flow temperature of 70 °C and a DHW temperature of 60 °C, which can also be used as a preheating fresh water station

  • particularly hygienic DHW heating

  • with plate heat exchanger soldered with stainless steel and including function module MS100

  • Logamatic SC300 control unit


Expansion stage 1:
Heat distribution.

System: Expansion stage 1.

Logaflow HSM50/12 heat distribution

  • modular and versatile
  • modular principle with mixed and unmixed heating circuit, two different pumps and Logamatic EMS plus or Logamatic 5000 control system
  • variety of outputs and combinations for every application
  • cascading allows you to achieve volumetric flow rates of up to 1,200 kW with a maximum of six heating circuit sets
  • can be ordered pre-assembled
  • compact design for fast assembly

System: Expansion stage 1.

Heat distribution.

System advantage:

For fast and safe assembly, the radiators are supplied by pre-assembled Logaflow heating circuit sets, which can be adapted to the application as required. The pre-assembled system components take the hassle out of planning and make assembly much quicker.


Expansion stage 2:
Pressure-maintaining unit.

System: Expansion stage 2.

SpiroExpand pressure maintaining system

  • for expansions volumes of up to 200 litres

  • unit with operating pressure and fill level measurement, plus low-noise centrifugal pump serving as pressure maintaining pump

  • 5" touch screen and two potential-free signalling contacts

  • direct connection to the Buderus Logawater refill combination for automatic refilling

System: Expansion stage 2.

Pressure-maintaining system.

System advantage:

The wrong pressure ratios in the system circuit can cause oxygen to get into the system of pipes, which in turn leads to corrosion and sludge deposits. A pressure maintaining system helps prevent this, consequently reducing or even avoiding maintenance work and costs. At the same time, the water quality remains constantly high.


Expansion stage 3:
Photovoltaic system.

System: Expansion stage 3.

Photovoltaic module.

  • glass/foil module with an output of 410 Wp

  • 25-year product and linear performance guarantee

  • ideal photovoltaic module for the project business

System: Expansion stage 3.

MyEnergyMaster app

  • more independence with up to 70 % self-generated supply

  • efficient connectivity of photovoltaics, heat pump, wall box and household appliances

  • compatible with any photovoltaic system

  • optimal overview of the energy draw

Fronius inverter 3:

  • 20 kW AC output
  • two MPP inputs as standard
  • up to four external components/switching steps can be actuated with regard to the PV surplus
  • prerequisite for the actuation of external components (e.g. heater rod, heat pump)
  • smart meter of the inverter manufacturer in the mains feed-in point
  • coupling relay for the actuation integrated at the installation site, Fronius data manager available

System: Expansion stage 3.

Logamax E156 electric heating unit

  • compact design

  • can be combined with other heat generators without any issues

  • available in seven output sizes from 6 kW to 24 kW

  • simple operation

  • can be cascaded with up to six units

  • integrated pump, pressure gauge, pressure-relief valve and automatic air vent

  • suitable for screed drying


System: Expansion stage 3.

Photovoltaic system.

System advantage:
The current generated by the photovoltaic system supplies the heat pump system and the electrical equipment in the house. If there is a surplus of self-generated power, the inverter sends a signal to the Logamax E156 electric heating unit, which, in turn, takes this surplus current and converts it into heat. This produces supply flow temperatures of up to 85 °C.


Control Center Commercial web portal

  • exact illustration of the touch screen in the browser for intuitive remote operation

  • user level configuration

  • display of the last operation and fault messages


Control Center CommercialPLUS web portal

  • system overview with status display
  • full parametrisation including service menu
  • data recording with graphic representation
  • multi-user management
  • system visualisation
  • secure remote access with TAN procedure


Modbus communication.

The Modbus interface integrated in the Logamatic 5000 as standard provides numerous data points, for example to enable the graphic illustration of a Buderus heat generator with the most important parameters in a building management system application. Uncomplicated networking with HSM plus components and VES components is also possible at any time.


Logamatic 5000 system control

  • further development of the Logamatic 5000 for Logatherm WLW276 and Logatherm WLW286
  • bidirectional communication between heat pump and Logamatic 5000 via Modbus RTU
  • extensive heat pump monitoring including energy efficiency and energy consumption display
  • optimum heat pump actuation for maximum efficiency


Logasoft DiWa

  • dimensioning aid for DHW systems
  • assists with the sizing of DHW cylinders, primary store systems and freshwater stations including buffer cylinders
  • conforms to standards DIN EN 12831-3 and DIN 4708-2
  • for calculating drinking water systems preheated by low-temperature heat source (e.g. heat pump)


24/7 customer service.

  • support with commissioning, maintenance, repairs, water analysis and efficiency service

  • over 300 service engineers across Germany at your service every day

  • over 220 service products: Can be combined and are available across Germany

Service: Apps.

ProDelivery app

  • transparent Germany-wide shipment tracking of Buderus deliveries and returns

  • information on the delivery status directly in the app without having to contact the branch by phone

  • considerable time savings, flexible and convenient operation due to clear layout

  • large number of additional functions such as delivery history, PDF download of delivery notes and parking approval



Five-year system warranty:

  • valid with the Buderus warranty certificate from the professional heating partner
  • includes costs for material and working time for five years from the date of installation by the heating contractor
  • simple registration with the online form or via the free-of-charge hotline for system warranties


Climate protection is worth it.

Renewable heating systems and efficient buildings are being promoted as part of the climate package. This includes heat pumps, gas condensing hybrid systems, pellet stoves and solar thermal systems. Benefit from state subsidies and let us advise you.

Our free advice hotline:

0800 0 2030 00

Monday–Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m


With febis for optimum funding for modernisation.

  • customers interested in modernisation of an individual measure with a renewable heating system receive straightforward advice from the subsidy professionals at febis

  • online service based on checklist and heating system quote

  • dedicated information page at and funding hotline on +49 (0) 6190 9263 492*

*The funding hotline employees are available to you Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The febis funding service for trade customers.

  • web-based funding service application especially for contractors

  • reduced work and research effort

  • customer acquisition and retention through a range of services in a multi-stage process

  • information service: and funding hotline on +49 (0) 6190 9263 431


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